Jobs Vacant FAQs

What are Free Jobs?
Free Jobs are the jobs for which Job-Seekers are not required to pay any fee for placement. Our Fee is paid by the Employers.

What are Paid Jobs?
Paid Jobs are the jobs for which Job-Seekers are required to pay fee to us for placement. This fee is usually 30% of one month salary. Once you apply, our team members will call you back to discuss more details.

Note: There is no fee for applying for the job. Fee is to be paid only if you join the job.

What is an "Advanced Processing Stage"?
Advanced Processing Stage usually means one of the following:
Either Some one has been 
-- already shortlisted OR
-- selected OR 
-- in the joining stage OR
-- joining warranty stage
In such a scenario, you can still apply for the job & in the case of shortlisted / selected candidate is not joining, or the joined candidate leaves within our contracted warranty period, the alternate candidates will be contacted for processing their candidature.